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Lets also get out of the way that I am a heterosexual male, I don't have interests outside that.

This blog is dedicated to pregnant and lactating women, mostly nude, and other stuff that turns me on. A tribute to the beauty and sexuality of woman. I do not own these images, and images will be removed upon request of the owner.

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I don't believe that finding pregnant or lactating woman beautiful, sexy, and alluring is something dirty of shameful. I believe it is celebrating the beauty of a woman in a magical and wonderful state of being.


Jezabel #1

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Probably are twins….let’s check it out with a laaaaarge massage <3 <3 <3

earp68: TOOO pretty! and sexy! I WANT!

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embarazada by Mónica Alcalá - Fotografía on Flickr.

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2821 by ClickCreativoVe on Flickr.

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34 weeks 4 days

Hey - my eyes are down here!

That’s a good one. I’m ready to play right. Left is busy with you

Pregnant Pop by Francisco M. Veliz on Flickr.

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Pumping. My mind is dreaming of milk.

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